Match Day Procedures 

Match Day Procedures 


  1. Each team must work with their registrar to make sure their Official US Club Roster is current, and that Jersey numbers are included on the Official Roster.  

  1. Each team must have a physical copy of their Official US Club Roster on-site in case the referee or the opposing team have any questions.  

  1. Team Managers and Coaches must appear on the US Club Official Roster 

  1. At least a day before the game the managers/coaches must 

  • log into their GotSport Account 

  • click on Matches 

  • find the correct Match for the correct team 

  • click on three dots next to the match 

  • choose either Home Match Roster or Away Match Roster 

  • Select all the players that are attending 

  • Add club pass players, if required 

  • Double check that all Jersey numbers are listed correctly and that they match the Official US Club Roster 

  • Print three (3) copies of the Match Day Roster, two for the referee and one in case there are any last-minute changes that need to be communicated to the opposing team.  

  • For any Club Pass players Managers must provide an electronic or physical copy of the Official US Club Roster that the player is rostered. This roster can be emailed or given to the opposing manager prior to the start of the match. 

  1. Prior to the start of the match: 

  • Manager must provide a copy of the Match Day Roster to the opposing team. 

  • Manager must provide two (2) copies of the Match Day Roster to the referee

  • Manager must provide all US Club Player & Coaches Cards to the referee

  • If there are any handwritten changes to the Match Day Roster, a copy with the changes must be provided to the opposing team.  This includes: 

    • The addition of a last-minute player (s) that is handwritten on the Match Day Roster 

    • Changes to the Jersey numbers.  

  • If a player is handwritten on the Match Day Roster a physical or electronic copy of the Official US Club Roster that the player is rostered to must be provided to the opposing team prior to the start of the game.  

  • A copy of the Official US Club Roster of the team(s) that Club Pass player(s) are rostered to must to given to the opposing team.  

  1. After the Match: 

  • Each team manager must get one copy of the signed Match Day Roster from the referee. 

  • Each team must report the score on-line by logging into their GotSport account or by going to the schedules on our website. The pin number can be found on the Match Day Roster that was printed from GotSport.  

League Affiliates

League Affiliates