Girls HS WA Cup rules

WA Cup G15U-19U Tournament Playing Rules


1) Playing Rules

All matches under league jurisdiction shall be played according to the rules and regulations recognized by the PSPL which shall be the same rules set by FIFA/ U.S. Soccer (USSF) except for those modifications authorized by the WPL, PSRL, FIFA or USSF.


2) Tournament Advancement

To advance in this tournament your team must win. Each match must be played to a conclusion. For quarter final and semifinal matches, tied matches at the end of regulation go directly to “kicks from the mark”. For Finals, tied matches at the end of regulation go to 2-5 minute “golden goal” periods. The first team to score wins the match. If the match is still tied, “kicks from the mark” will determine the Champion. Losers of their first match will play a consolation match. Number 1 seeds of 5 team divisions who lose their first game will only play the one game as there is no opponent to play. Those teams will receive a partial refund.


3) Match Lengths

All matches 15U-20U will consist of 2-40 minute periods. and a 5 minute halftime.


4) US Club Official Rosters and Match Day Rosters

a) All teams may list up to 20 players on their US Club Official Roster.

b) Players can be only rostered to one team that is affiliated with US Club Soccer.

c) The Match Day Roster is limited to a maximum of 18 for each match. If the US Club roster has more than 18 players listed, players may be substituted for different matches. Players listed on the Match Day Roster at pre-game check in, are the only players allowed to play in the match.


5) Match Day Procedures


Official US Club Rosters and Player cards

a) Players, coaches, and managers shall be registered according to US Club rules.

b) There will be no traditional tournament check in prior to the start of the tournament. Teams must email a copy of their Official  US Club Official roster and their Game Day rosters to the league office no later than 8 PM on the Tuesday prior to the start of the tournament. Rosters should be emailed to tournament@psplsoccer.com.   There are no limits to the number of changes made to the Match Day roster provided all the players are registered to the US Club Roster. Final US Club Official Rosters are frozen the Tuesday prior to the first match of the tournament.  

c) All players and coaches must present their valid US Club Player and or Coach Identification Card to the referee prior to the match. The individual’s picture must be on the ID card and the card must be laminated.

d) Club officials (Coaches, managers, DOC’s) are required to visibly display their card on a lanyard while in the technical area (max. of 4 team officials in area). The individual will not be eligible for the match if the US Club ID card is not valid. No exceptions. Players must be printed on the US Club Official Roster with correct jersey numbers listed. If for any reason jersey numbers are incorrect, the team manager/coach must inform the other team and a Tournament Official immediately, (prior to the start of the match). Failure to do so will result in a minimum $100 fine assessed to the offending Club and /or forfeiture of the match. Handwritten players are not allowed on the official US Club Roster.

e) All Players must be rostered to the Club/Team and additionally listed on the Match Day Roster to be eligible to play. Players may be handwritten (must be legible) only on the Match Day Roster. The players information must match on both documents. All Match Day Rosters must be completely filled out.

A  copy of the Match Day Roster and a copy of the team’s US Club Official Roster must be provided to the opposing team prior to the game.

g) If a team is not able to provide an US Club Official Roster and/or Match Day Roster prior to the start of the game, it may be grounds for forfeit and further sanctions. Report this to the Tournament Tent immediately.

h) Any player that does not appear on the US Club Official roster shall be considered an illegal player. Any team using an illegal player shall forfeit any games in which the illegal player participated. Any team found using illegal players will be expelled from the tournament.

i) Players may only play for one US Club Soccer club and team during WA Cup. Guest players are not allowed in Tournament play. (A Guest player is any player not currently rostered to your club/team).


6) Personnel on the Bench

a) All non-playing personnel in the team technical area MUST have a current US Club ID card. Team or Club Officials (limit of 4) are required to visibly display their card on a lanyard.

b) Only uniformed players listed on the team's US Club Official roster and WPL Match Day Roster can be on the bench during the game. Only players listed on the Team’s US Club Roster but not in uniform (in street clothes) are allowed on the bench during the game.

The Match Day Roster can be downloaded from the Washington Premier League web site, located at http://psplsoccer.com/forms.

8) Sideline Etiquette

If field space allows, coaches and players will be on the same sideline opposite spectators. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their parents/sideline. Spectators are expected to behave appropriately and respectfully at all times during the match. Unruly or irresponsible behavior identified by a referee could lead to expulsion of the Teams’ coach, a team’s forfeit of points and/or a monetary fine. If the league receives reports of unsportsmanlike conduct from any spectators on a sideline the Tournament Committee/Director reserves the right to fine the club or take further action as necessary.


9) Matters not Accounted For

Any matter not accounted for within these WA Cup Rules, will be referred to PSPL rules where appropriate.

League Affiliates

League Affiliates