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10u rules


Tournament Format:

 The 10U WA Cup tournament follows WA Cup rules except where exceptions and modifications are noted for modified play.

 -Tournament is played over one weekend in round-robin format.

 -Teams likely will play two matches on one-day during the tournament.

 -Teams play modified rules as set out by PSPL Development League rules for 10U soccer.

 -Use of 6.5 X 18.5 ft modified-size goals (is ideal)

 -Teams are guaranteed three matches.

 -Top four finishers may qualify for Washington National Premier League (WNPL) at 11U.


1. Player and Coach Passes and Affiliation

All players and coaches required to have a valid US Club card laminated with head shot picture which can be obtained at www.usclubsoccer.org.

2. Check-In

All teams must provide the following to tournament officials:

a. 2 copies of the Official US Club Master Roster for “approval.” The rosters must be typed/printed, and all jersey numbers must be printed on the roster. All players must be listed on one (1) roster.  Jersey numbers on each team’s US Club Roster must match their Game Day Roster Sheets.

b. A minimum of 3 copies (for each game played) of the PSPL Game Day Roster Sheets for certification. If your team plays 4 games, you will need 12 copies.

c. US Club Player and Coach ID cards for approval. All ID Cards must be individually laminated with a “head shot” picture included.

d. Must provide signed copies of US Club medical release for all players participating. Each team must have these medical release forms on the team sidelines during each game. Any player without a signed medical release will not be allowed to play.

e. A Team staff member must provide proof of compliance for concussion and cardiac arrest protocol.   If your club tracks this electronically a letter from the registrar stating that all players, parents and coaches are in compliance will be sufficient.  


3. End of Match Procedures

After the match, the referee must complete and sign the PSPL Game Day Sheet. The referee must return 2 copies of the Game Day Roster sheets to each team. Each team must receive a home and visitor signed copy at the conclusion of the match. These documents serve as the Official Score Report. All teams must have an ”approved” US Club Master Roster of their team “in hand” for each game. An extra copy of the “approved” US Club Master Roster must be available if the referee requests one. US Club Master rosters or PSPL game Day Roster sheets are not exchanged between teams.

4. Player and Coach Eligibility:

 - Laminated and valid US Club Player and Coach ID cards (with head shot picture) are required for all players and coaches at “pregame and/or tournament check in”. If the individual picture is not on the US Club Soccer ID card or the card is not laminated, the individual will not be eligible to play or coach in the Tournament. Coaches must display their valid US Club Coach ID Card on a lanyard.

 -All eligible players must be listed (and valid) on the club’s/team’s US Club Master Roster, which is to be submitted at check-in along with all US Club player and coach/staff ID cards.

 -Only players approved at “check in” are eligible to play in the tournament.

  -The US Club Master Roster is “frozen” prior to the first preliminary game or the date may be designated by the Tournament Director, and/or at “check-in” for the entire tournament.

  -Washington Cup US Club Soccer maximum roster size is 20 players. No more than 14 can be listed on the PSPL Game Day roster sheet and play in any Washington Cup game.

  -For each PSPL Washington Cup match, teams must present US Club player and Coaching staff ID cards along with 3 “approved” PSPL Game Day Roster Sheets to the referees. For Preliminary matches, a US Club roster and Game Day Roster Sheet.

   -PSPL/US Club 10U Washington Cup participants may only be rostered to one team in Washington Cup competition per "soccer year". Example: if an '09 player is rostered on an ‘08 team for the '08 Washington Cup he/she is not allowed to be rostered on the ‘09 team for the '09 Cup. The choice has to be made to be rostered on one team or the other, but not both. All other Washington Cup/PSPL player eligibility rules apply.

 -No “guest players” or “player passing” allowed in WA Cup events.

5. Match Details :


Field size
(WxL in yds)

Goal size
(max feet HxW)

Ball Size

Field Players

 Game Roster  (max)

Game Duration
(Minutes per period)


40-50 x 60-70

6.5’ x 18.5’ (6’ x 18’ allowed)




2 x 25


6. Scoring Method:

Points will be awarded, up to a maximum of 10, as follows:

6 points for a win

3 point for a draw

1 point for each goal up to 3

1 point for a shut out


 In divisions where teams may be playing an uneven number of matches in first round, their respective point totals will be averaged to a “points per game” total. This number will be used to compare teams who have played an unequal number of matches.

 Teams advancing from the preliminary rounds will follow the “Advancement Explanations” posted for each division.

 Forfeits will be recorded with a result of 1-0. The PSPL and the Washington Cup tournament committee reserves the right to impose sanctions on teams that forfeit matches. Forfeiting teams may be fined and/or expelled from the tournament and/or imposes other sanctions deemed appropriate by the PSPL and the Washington Cup tournament committee.

In case of a tie in the standings within a group:

    A. “Head to head” Points between teams tied

  1. “Head to head” Goal Differential between teams
  2. Overall Goal Differential (up to 5 per game)
  3. Goals Against
  4. Goals For (up to 5 per game)
  5. Coin flip unless the tie is to determine advancement to "Gold and "Silver", or "Silver" and "Not advancing". In either of those scenarios, the tournament director will contact the teams involved to schedule Kicks from the Mark tiebreaker prior to the start of the elimination round.

G. If three or more teams are tied after the preliminary round, the tie breaker criteria listed will be used in the order shown, beginning with Criteria A, to first eliminate, or second, advance one of the three teams. The remaining teams will then be compared, beginning again with criteria A.

 7. Tie-breaker rule for elimination matches:

If a game ends in a tie at the end of a “play in” match, quarter-final or semi-final match, the teams will proceed directly to kicks-from-the-penalty-mark where a winner will be decided. In the finals there will be two 5-minute halves of “golden goal”. The team that scores first will be deemed the winner. If a match remains tied following the overtime, “kicks-from-the-penalty-mark” will decide the winner.

8. Substitutions:

Substitutions are at the referee’s discretion. A substitution can take place at any stoppage with the referee’s permission.

Unlimited substitutions are allowed but the PSPL reminds all coaches that it is their responsibility to handle their substitutions in a professional manner so as not to detract from the game.

9. Illegal players:

Any player that does not appear on the “approved” US CLUB Master Roster shall be considered an illegal player. No guest players or No “player passing” allowed.

Any team using an illegal player(s) shall forfeit each game the illegal player(s) were used. In addition, the guilty team shall be expulsed from the tournament and could face other sanctions from the PSPL and/or US Club Soccer.

10.   Appeals:

Referee judgment decisions are final and may not be appealed. Any other appeal must be verbally lodged with the referee and the opposing coach prior to the end of the match at the game site. The appeal must then be made in writing to the Tournament Director within 30 minutes of the end of the match. The Tournament Director will review any appeal correctly filed under this rule. There is a $200 non-refundable fee for any appeal that is filed. All decisions of the Tournament Director are final.

11. Shortened/Abandoned Games:

Referees are the sole arbiter of the game clock. Their decisions regarding game length are final and may not be appealed. If games are shortened or abandoned for any reason, the Tournament Director reserves the right to determine how the game result shall be determined. Decisions by the Tournament Director in determining the official game result are final and may not be appealed.

12. Game Start Times:

Referees will start the game clock at the designated time regardless of whether teams are ready to play. A referee may add time lost due to injury, but the game must conclude at least five minutes prior to the start of the next match. A five-minute grace period will be allowed for teams that do not have the minimum number of players to start the game.

13. Minimum Number of Players to start and finish a match:

For 10U, a team must have a minimum of 5 players to start and end a match. If a team does not have the required number of players (after a 5-minute grace period), they will forfeit the game with the other team receiving eight total points.

14. Team Sidelines:

Players and Coaches of both teams must be on one side of the field, spectators on the other side (unless otherwise specified by the field rules). Coaches, players, and spectators are not allowed behind the goal line, or closer to the goal line than the edge of the 15 yard penalty area line. Only those persons with valid US Club player or coach ID card are allowed on the team’s side of the field. Additionally, no more than 3 staff members can be on the team sidelines during the game.

15. Alternate Color Jersey:

Each team must have an alternate jersey color. The home team (listed first) will be responsible for changing jerseys if there is a color conflict.

16. Official’s Report and Score Reporting:

Coaches should verify with the referee at the game’s conclusion that their score matches his report. All game results in the first rounds will be reported by the winning team’s manager using the mobile “Got Soccer” Score Reporting system. Referees also will submit match results to tournament headquarters, or a field marshal, immediately following each match. In the event of a conflict, the referee report shall be deemed the official score for the game.

17. Cautions and Ejections:

Any player receiving two yellow cards in a single game will be shown the red card and sent off and may not be replaced. Any player that receives a red card in a game will receive at least a one-game suspension (the next game). The tournament director may apply a greater suspension. Cautions and ejections received in the Washington Cup apply to Washington Cup only. Any PSPL cautions and/or Red cards received during League play will carry over to the Washington Cup tournament.

Any coach or team official that is ejected by the referee for unreasonable behavior from a game must immediately leave the game site so as not to be within sight or sound of the field and will serve a minimum of a one game suspension, which may be increased depending on the nature of the ejection. In the event the coach or team official refuses to leave, the referee shall suspend the game and report to the Tournament Director who will rule the match a forfeit by the offending team.

18. Player’s Equipment:

No equipment shall be worn that is dangerous to another player, including any cast constructed of hardened material, without approval from the Tournament Director and/or the lead match official. Shin guards, covered by socks, are mandatory. All casts and equipment are subject to approval by the match referee and/or Tournament Director.

The home team is responsible for supplying game balls for the preliminary rounds, the quarter final and semi-final matches of the championship round. The tournament will provide game balls for the finals.

19. Inclement Weather:

In any event that play cannot be started or is stopped due to weather, teams will take cover, but will remain at the game site and proceed as follows:

If time allows, resume play and play to completion.

If there is insufficient time to play the entire game, the game will be continued until the half is completed. The game will then be considered complete.

The Tournament Director and/or the Head Match referee will coordinate any stoppage of play. The Tournament Director reserves the right to make whatever adjustments deemed necessary to proceed with the tournament schedule following delays due to inclement weather.

20. Other:

Trainers may or may not be provided at any of the tournament game locations. Teams are encouraged to bring first aid equipment as the tournament may or may not provide those items. Emergency services (911) are to be called for all injuries, both on and off the field.

Rules governing game venues are posted at the various locations. All teams, coaches and spectators are expected to follow all posted venue rules. In addition, alcohol and swearing are not permitted at any location. Violators of these rules will be asked to leave the venue.

21. Code of Conduct:

Do not tarnish the game of soccer, the PSPL, US Club Soccer, USSF, your club, your Team, yourself or your family. Behave reasonably, respectfully and ethically.

22.Matters Not provided For

In the event Washington Cup rules may be deemed insufficient, PSPL league rules will apply. Additionally, the Tournament Committee and or Tournament Director has final say on any rulings deemed necessary affecting the tournament.