2020 Trapped Team Registration

For the SPRING 2020 season, boys born in 2005 will be defined as "trapped players," which means some of them will be in middle school during the boys Spring season. The league will be offering a shortened fall season for boys born in 2005. Clubs can register a 2005 team for the Premier Spring League 2020 and they can register a team for the 2005 "trapped players," which will be a minimum of six games. This league is in addition to the High School Boys Season. Teams wishing to play in the traditional High School Boys league will need to register for that league separately.

league reg table

League/Tournament Registration Open Fees Increase Final Registration Closes Season Starts Season End Dates
PSPL Spring League for 11U Premier and Western WA Classic Copa Leagues OPEN 12/03/19 12/10/19 2/01/20 APRIL 2020 
PSPL WNPL League 12U-14U CLOSED 6/22/19 6/28/19 9/07/19 APRIL 2020
Western WA Copa/Classic Leagues: 11U - 14U & 15U Boys  OPEN 12/03/19 12/10/19 9/07/19 APRIL 2020 
Eastern WA Copa/Classic Leagues11U - 14U & 15U Boys  & HS Girls COPA OPEN 2/20/20 2/28/20 3/28/20 MAY 2020 
Western WA 9U-10U Development League OPEN 1/07/19 1/14/19 2/22/20 APRIL 2020 
Eastern WA 9U-10U Development Copa League OPEN 2/20/20 2/28/20 9/07/19 MAY 2020 
PSPL Boys HS Winter League OPEN 11/21/19 11/28/19 1/18/20 2/23/20

Registration Application Help

As the PSPL continues to grow, we want to make sure that teams are placed in the appropriate divisions.  Specific criteria must be met and certain standards upheld to be placed in some divisions, specifically WSPL divisions.  See  League Rules.  Beyond those restrictions, it's important to have a clear picture of your team's history in order to properly group it with other teams. 

During a seasonal year, we'll look at about 1500 team placements.  This number represents significant growth and will continue to grow.  Division placement and schedules are time sensitive and we just run out of time researching team histories. All teams MUST have the Team History section of their application filled out completely and accurately.  The number of applications that are missing information, have inaccurate information, or are just plain BLANK, is too overwhelming to create schedules by the published deadlines. 

Team representatives should login to their application from their team page and make any necessary changes.  Once all teams in an age group have completed their applications with the necessary information, divisions will be created and the scheduling process will begin.

Below, you'll see an example of a properly filled out application, and one that needs significant revision.



League Affiliates

League Affiliates