League application Requirements

League Application Requirements

  • Fall Application Window: March 1 to June 1
  • Spring Application Window: Dec 1 to Jan 15

Minimum Standards to join the Puget Sound Premier League

  • Must meet minimum US Club Soccer club standards of three teams to form a club.
  • Independent teams can no longer play at U11 and above. Exception: if a team is located in a rural and sparsley populated region, it can apply to play in the Copa League. 
  • Application: non-refundable $150 fee must be submitted with all applications.

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Club registrar
  • Club president and/or Director of Coaching that holds a "D" license, or equivalent
  • All coaches must be licensed
  • Referee assignor
  • List of fields for home games
  • Active website
  • List of contacts
  • A written three-year operational plan for the club
  • If accepted, club is on one-year probationary period and conduct will be reviewed before beginning of second year.
  • Key areas of review: 
    • ​Ethics violations
    • Misconduct infractions
    • Forfeits
    • Communication with other clubs



League Affiliates

League Affiliates