How To Make Scheduling Requests


Team leaders will be able to make requests in regards to events that need to be accommodated when leagues and tournaments are scheduled.  Once registration has closed, you will receive the link to an online form.  Please make sure that one of the team leaders completes the form if there are events that need to be scheduled around.  Different conflicts will need to be considered based on the time of year your team is playing.  Examples of possible conflicts include:

  • Conflicts with school events (proms, SAT/ACT)
  • Club-wide events (auctions, dinners, etc.)
  • Tournaments
  • Spring Break
  • Super Bowl
  • Coaches that coach more than one team. Note we will work to accommodate coaches that have up to three teams.

If you have not received the special request email within three days of registration closing, please contact us and we will provide you with the link.

Contact us with any questions about scheduling your team for their league or tournament games.

Mike Morris, 503-317-7576

Valorie Westlund, 503-740-6734

Paul Morris, 503-998-9569

League Affiliates

League Affiliates