Starfire Return to play Proticols

Below are details regarding Starfire's Return to Play protocol and two maps of the Starfire campus that dictate where teams and spectators are to be, plus a parking map with entrances to each field marked. We are following all WYS and state guidelines for reopening.

A few things to note:

  • Parking: Paid parking will be happening, but won't be active this coming weekend. Starfire will be accepting all 2020 parking stickers with March through December expiration dates (So an April 2020 parking sticker will be valid, as will a November 2020 sticker through the end of the year. A January 2020 sticker will need to be renewed).
  • Spectators: We will allow one guardian per player as the state guidelines recommend for games (practices still are no spectators allowed). Because of some of the field layouts at Starfire, there are some fields that do not allow for spectators or spectators are displaced. See the attached map, but here are some of the cliff notes.
    • Home fans for fields 3 and 4 need to watch the game from the top of the grandstands, overlooking their respective fields.
    • Spectators are not allowed on the grass fields due to how close the fields are to the fencing.
    • It is a hard limit at one person per player.
  • Starfire's indoor center is not open to the public. Soccer West, Watershed FC, and Cafe Siena are all open but the indoor center itself is not. The front desk is not available for membership purchases or for ice. Teams should plan to bring their own ice packs.
  • The concessions stand is not open.

Player and Spectator Layout

Parking and Entrances