Reign Academy joins the PSPL!

SEATTLE – April 12, 2019 - We are excited to welcome the Reign Academy to the Puget Sound Premier League for the 2019-2020 season. 

The Reign Academy is expanding beyond its US Soccer Development Academy Teams to offer Academy Reserves and Reign Pre-Academy teams. The Reign Academy will offer up to 17 teams for young women in the 2001 to 2010 birth-year age groups. 

The Reign Academy has announced it will play all of its Academy Reserves and pre-academy teams in the PSPL, starting in the Fall Season 2019. A potential of 12 Reign Academy teams will be competing for top league honors against our current and growing slate of competitive youth soccer clubs across the state of Washington.

The PSPL is sanctioned by US Club Soccer and offers competitive soccer leagues and tournaments for ages 9U to 19U and beyond. The league represents top clubs throughout Washington state and Northern Idaho and has been the fastest growing youth soccer league in the state. Since its inception more than ten years ago, the league now boasts more than 2,000 teams, nearly 70 clubs and more than 40,000 players. 

The PSPL is a designated US Club NPL League, which is the fastest growing national league platform in the country. The NPL national tournament brings together top clubs from around the country to determine national league champions. 

Reign Academy officials say Reserve teams will offer top players a DA-level training environment, but with more flexibility and a reduced time commitment. Reserve teams will compete in the 2003/2004, 2005, and 2006 age brackets. Reserve teams will compete in the PSPL, she said. Reign Academy Reserves players can be called up as Developmental Players to the DA teams, while players retain the opportunity to play with their high school teams.  

Reign Pre-Academy will offer emerging-elite players in the 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 age brackets a defined pathway to the DA and Reserves teams, Sittauer explained. Like the Reserves, Reign officials said, Pre-Academy teams will play in the PSPL. Reign will work closely with the league to place teams in age groups and divisions based on competitive levels.  

Reign Academy operates five teams in the U.S. Girls' Development Academy—the highest level of female youth soccer in the United States. DA teams offer comprehensive, focused, and intense training environments that are designed to develop elite-level players to their fullest potential, preparing them for D1 colleges, professional playing careers, and international soccer.  Reign Academy DA teams will train four times per week, with two trainings located on the east side and two trainings located in Seattle. Our Reign DA programs are closely aligned with the Reign FC first team. Reign DA players will receive a season ticket for the Reign FC home games and will have the opportunity to be coached by Reign FC players.

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The Puget Sound Premier League, sanctioned by US Club Soccer, is the fastest growing league for competitive soccer teams in Washington State. The PSPL was founded in 2007 with 12 teams and now has nearly 2,000 teams in 2019. In its 11th year, the league supports clubs that produce national champions and college standouts.

The PSPL offers multiple competitive divisions for boys and girls, from ages 9 to 19. The league offers coaching education seminars and sponsors licensed-coaching courses. It also sponsors the PSPL Surf Academy program, which is a super-charged version of Olympic Development Program, which attracts the league’s best players to form elite college showcase teams. The PSPL also hosts US Club’s PDP and id2 player identification program for Washington state. 

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