RAGE Showcase

PSPL Surf Academy Comes Out on Top!

PLEASANTON – July 22, 2019 - Two PSPL academy squads participated in the RAGE Showcase this past weekend, and performed exceptionally well! Between the 04G and 05G squads, our academies produced 5 wins out of 8 games.

The 05G team finished on top of their bracket after amassing a total of three wins, while the 04G squad finished with two wins and two losses by less than a goal!

Click the links below to review each teams efforts during the RAGE College Showcase.

PSPL Surf Academy 05G  |  Shedule and Results

PSPL Surf Academy 04G  |  Shedule and Results

The Puget Sound Premier League, sanctioned by US Club Soccer, is the fastest growing league for competitive soccer teams in Washington State. The PSPL was founded in 2007 with 12 teams and now has nearly 2,000 teams in 2019. In its 11th year, the league supports clubs that produce national champions and college standouts.

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