PSPL Coronavirus Policy

Please review Coronavirus Policy 

 March 3rd2020 


The health and safety of Puget Sound Premier League's 50,000 US Club Soccer players and families is our top priority. Due to the apparent increasing risk of the new coronavirus spreading in pockets across the state and across country, the PSPL believes it is appropriate to follow several critical steps to avoid advancing the virus:

  • As of Tuesday, league matches will continue as scheduled for this upcoming weekend - March 7-8.
  • The league believes, in the exercise of caution beginning match weekend March 7-8, that all players refrain from shaking hands between team captains at the coin toss and between referees, players and coaches during pre-game and post-game.
  • We ask clubs, coaches, managers and players not to take offense if individual referees decline your handshake until more clarity is brought to the Coronavirus on how it is spread and to its risks.
  • Please educate yourselves about the virus and follow the advisories of the Washington state Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Links to these organizations can be found below.
  • The league will follow the recommendations, the advice, and the leadership of these health organizations.
  • According to these organizations, the risk of catching this virus remains low but some regions of the country, including Washington state, have seen wider outbreak of cases.
  • Still, none of the health organizations have urged healthy people to stay home; rather, they are urging everyone to use precautions and common sense. Please see their advisories and recommendations below.
  • The league will be monitoring the health agencies and will follow their recommendations if they change.



 Health Agency Resources:  

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